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What is The Imperial Order?

The Imperial Order started off as an online gaming group based on the Empire after the Battle of Endor. We opened our doors on January 1, 1997 and operated as a gaming club until mid-2005. The Imperial Order is a concept and a state of mind for some Star Wars fans. It's current iteration is that of a project based group. We still hold to the same Imperial ideals that formed the foundations of our club, and we still create and edit custom levels for LucasArts SW game titles. In addition, we also have other creative outlets in the realms for web design, graphic design and creative writing.

How do I join?

The Imperial Order is not open for membership per se in the old structure. If you would like to lend your skills to a particular project or find out about upcoming projects, please contact the Emperor, Ged Larsen.

What if I was a member previously and would like to help out?

We'd welcome the additional help, and would love to hear from former members. Please contact the Emperor for more information, or find us on Facebook. Or if you still have a Holonet account, start a new thread on the board and we'll answer whatever questions you may have.

What are the expectations for projects?

None. We work on the projects as they come along and no matter if we have 1 person or 10 working on them, they'll eventually be completed. Of course the more editors on a project, the more efficient it will be, however we will not hold anyone to any deadlines. If you need to drop off a project, just say so, there are no expectations.

What about meetings and reports?

We haven't been on IRC in ages, we might do a reunion type gathering in the future, but we no longer have regular meetings. As for reports, if you're on a project we would certainly like to hear about your progress on it, e-mail/FB/Holonet messages will suffice. We're not going to hunt you down week after week for updates though. If we don't hear from you, the project will still move forward without you, don't take it personally.

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